Our mission: to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment  for children in need and living on the streets in Freetown. Many of the children have survived the trauma of losing their parents to the deadly Ebola virus. They are learning to make sense of the trauma of losing their their families –  mother, father and siblings at the same time wondering what the future holds for them.

Now, thanks to the work of Christ Fire Ministry and the generosity of our supporters from around the world, we are able to provide a safe haven where the children can ‘just be children’.

We achieve this by:

Providing  a safe and supportive environment which values and protects children and young mothers from the risk of harm. Promoting the health, education and emotional wellbeing of every child in our care. Working in partnership with other agencies that can support the work of TCRF. Seeking funding opportunities to further develop our work.

We believe that children are the very essence of the future; who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. We go above and beyond to provide the children with a warm and caring environment where they can enjoy their childhood, fully embrace their identity and gain the education and skills they need to achieve their full potential